For high-volume range and target shooting, PMC® Bronze is second-to-none in performance and value. PMC Ammo is new production and precisely loaded to SAAMI specifications for exceptional reliability.

  • PMC X-TAC 7.62×51 MM

    Consistently good 7.62x1 ammunition on all fronts, this PMC X-TAC is a classic round with a hard hitting performance in a load build that screams to be used for everything your rifle is capable of. This is a great mainstream shooting round with the upper end accuracy needed to make hunting and target shooting a reality. The high quality components chosen at the factory make this a solid round that offers big performance for the money.

    A nice balance of speed and power is evident from the 2800 feet per second muzzle velocity and more than 2600 ft. lbs. (2611) of energy delivered at the bore exit. The full metal jacket boat tail projectile works well in mainstream firearms and is flat shooting and capable of great accuracy. The clean brass and Boxer primer makes this an easy to reload cartridge. Consistent performance and the mid range weight of the bullet means it is well suited for hunting, range work, or even match training shooting for under 200 yards, though it is not perfectly suited for match competitions – there are more well suited cartridges available.