Federal Premium HST rounds use a specially designed jacketed hollow point projectile that is resistant to clogging even when blasting through barriers. HST is tested to be able to punch through common barriers like drywall and lumber, while still retaining its basic shape in order to properly expand upon striking a soft target. Federal equips these 9mm 124-grain hollow points with a jacket that will not easily be sheared away from the core, which helps provide reliably weight retention and the best possible knockdown power for this grain weight and pressure. The +P rating means these defensive rounds pack a little extra power!

    • Federal Premium HST 9mm 124 Grain +P JHP
    • Newly-made, reloadable nickel-plated brass casings
    • 1,000 rounds per box

    Federal's HST 9mm rounds have passed FBI test protocols with flying colors and have become adopted by law enforcement agencies across the country. The copper-plated projectile and nickel-plated case prevents corrosion during long-term carry and are backed with Federal’s Premium primers for reliable ignition round after round.